“We could talk about anything with eath other”

Subject line: You still have my heart

You still have my heart and mean the world to me.There are so many things that I miss about you. I miss walking in the room seeing you and the smile it put on my face. I miss your kiss and your touch. I miss holding you in my arms. I miss seeing you walk around in your sweat pants or my boxers and a t-shirt with your hair pulled up. I felt so much happiness, comfort and love when we were together. We could talk about anything with eath other. It didnt matter what we did. I was happy with you. I know that I have to keep on going, but without you by my side I feel that I am missing a part of myself. It was the greatest time in my life when we were together. My LOVE for you is so strong. When I think of you or hear your name. I feel it in my heart and deep in my soul. My LOVE for you is everlasting. I hope that one day we get to be together to feel and share that LOVE again. T loves J always and forever.

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