“for now you remain in my dreams and my thoughts”

Subject line: i’m sorry

i really wanted to meet up with you tonight sometimes i think i would do anything just to see you to touch you and feel your touch

i miss you so much more than you know i miss talking to you sometimes it brings tears to my eyes

i wish i could always be there for you and i always will just sometimes not next to you in person but always someone to talk to

if i could be there in person believe me i would there is nothing more than i want to be next to you

the way you make me feel is so different you make me want to be better than i am

it’s raining i love the rain the only thing that would make the night better would be to see you

but i can’t my other obligations stand in the way sometimes that is so frustrating

i hope you understand

i never really told you my feelings out straight some day i will i promise

but for now you remain in my dreams and my thoughts

i miss you

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