“I replay our conversations over in my head two or three times while trying to fall asleep.”

Subject line: I love you… so much!

I have thought about you every single day since the day we met. You are the most beautiful, most sincere, kindest, and loveliest woman I’ve ever known. You have a perfect smile and it literally makes my heart race every time I picture it in my head. I play it cool to your face – as cool as I can anyways – and try not to let on exactly how attracted I am to you. Truth be told, I look forward to my time with you more than I’ve ever looked forward to anything in my life. I replay our conversations over in my head two or three times while trying to fall asleep. Every time you touch my arm, harmlessly flirt, or even glance and make eye contact with me, a feeling so unbelievably amazing rushes through my veins. It is the greatest feeling I’ve ever experienced… every single time it happens. I am so grateful to have you in my life and even more grateful to have you as a friend. You mean the world to me.

It saddens me that I’m not the guy you’re with; but at the same time, I am happy for you because I know how happy you are. If I could tell you these things to you personally without screwing up our friendship and disrespecting your relationship, I would in a heartbeat. There are so many things I wish I could tell you… like how I am trying to become the absolute best person I can possibly be, so that if the time ever does come, and I’m lucky enough to be with you, I can be the man that you deserve to be with. I’m not there yet. I have a long, long ways to go. But I wake up every morning with the intention of trying to become everything you deserve. You have no idea – but you motivate me to be extraordinary. I promise you that I will give it everything that I’ve got. I love you! I love you!! I am so ridiculously in love with you!!

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