“I will stick by you until you leave.”

Subject line: I will miss you so much… = (

I love you. I always have and I always will. No matter the distance when you move.. no matter what we have been through.

You’re leaving me soon.. and i am dreading it each and every day. My world will be torn apart. I know you no longer feel the same love that i do, but i want you to know that you will always have someone loving you completely in new mexico.

You’re at the store right now giving me the chance to say this. I guess i just needed an outlet to get this off my mind. Its driving me crazy.

I will stick by you until you leave. I know I’ll be destroyed, but i’d rather spend every moment i can with you instead of regretting not doing so when you leave and i never see you again.

I strongly believe you and i belong together. I just wish you could see..

If I could take back everything I did to push you away, I would in a heartbeat. You don’t know how much regret I have and I wish i could have a do over. We both made mistakes, but no relationship is perfect. We could have worked on things.

BTW.. home isn’t where family is.. home is where your heart is. I wish you love, luck, and happiness. Even though it kills me to say this, I really hope you end up being so happy there. Find love.. and she better love you as deeply as I do. It would hurt me to find out someone hurt you.

XOXOXO always.

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