“you were sort of the perfect guy for me.”

Subject line: you’ve got great hair.

Not only do you have a great head of hair, but you were sort of the perfect guy for me. we could’ve had it all. the chemistry was undeniable, and meeting you gave me a chance to feel human again. I didn’t know I was capable of feeling like that. The world and its’ cruel nature completely disappeared when I was with you. And even though you never went there for your own reasons, I feel as though you really missed out on what could’ve been one of the most epic romances either of us have ever had. You know I’d support you, love you unconditionally, and be your best friend. I have such admiration for you as a human being, and everyone tells me i’m completely glowing when you’re around. I’ve also been told that the way I look at you is totally different than how I look at anyone else. You do something to me I can’t quite explain, and to be brutally honest, it’s turning into a kind of pain that eats at me day and night. I’m really good at putting a smile on my face but I know it’s going to get harder and harder. But please remember, I’ll always be here. No matter what, I’ve found a best friend, and I can’t possibly imagine my life without you now.

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