“Life is so devastating sometimes”

Life is so devastating sometimes. Mine is currently pulling me away from you. Not that it matters because you do NOT understand how amazing we may be together, but I certainly do. Here is a small list of things that set us apart from the other people on this planet and why I want you to be in my life so badly…

-We both love trees and the environment (in fact you worked in the field once before)

-We dig naturalistic lifestyle (you have a cold again and all i want to do is make you some breathe right tea w honey and snuggle you to death!)

-We are both insanely positive and energetic (most of the time. today was kind of an exception.)

-We love animals


-Self Empowered


-And most importantly, we share the same theology regarding religion etc..

The makings for something solid are undeniable from my end whether as friends or something more…

I am finishing your class soon and am not happy about it. Not because I feel the need to learn more about architecture but, because I will not get to see you anymore. Honestly, I think about you constantly and seeing you literally makes me weak in the knees.

The impression I get is you’re unavailable because I am your student and look slightly “edgy”, but ya never know. You have a wild side I can tell but I promise you I am a gentlemen. I know I could show you how beautiful life can be and honestly, I respect you TOO much to ever want to hurt you. We have only been able to chat a few times and that was enough for me to see how many similar interests we have.

PLUS, you’re a Gemini. Both my best friend and lost love of my life are Gemini’s, something surprising because astrology suggests we wouldn’t get along. I wish so badly that I can get through to you and perhaps we can start seeing each other outside those walls you work in, but I’m afraid you would think I’m not YOUR type, when in actuality I am EXACTLY your type. (minus my style I presume.)

I think you’re the most amazing and strong woman I have ever met and that’s what my life craves. A woman to possibly grow old with. A woman I believe is sexier for her charisma and attitude versus looks alone. BUT YOU HAVE IT ALL ! YOU HAVE IT ALL!

And now, because of a supreme lack of jobs here I have to leave this city and head back east. Sure its only an hour, but that is too far knowing you’re here and that I’m probably not going to have a chance to ask you out. So today, I am sad. Its not as if I’m obsessed with you or something. I’ve been single for nearly four years and you ARE the first woman who has been able to completely captivate me. I could spend a lifetime wanting to know more about you and am sad because I fear I won’t ever have the opportunity. Boo!

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