“enough is enough”

Subject line: I’m sorry i’m not perfect!!!

Your right I can be an asshole I also can be a very loving man who thinks of others before himself unless you make a decision thinking only about you with no regard for others feelings you say mean thing when your mad I understand but at least make them truthful or you should do what you say you need and keep them private you really need to face your problems in a different way because it should be obvious by now that your way isn’t working I know I can be very mean I also know I love you and forgave you over and over my problem is holding resentment I should have been honest after the second incident and parted ways now it’s much harder to deal with we have created a great home together only to let go of due to privacy being violated without wasting much time it’s obvious you and me aren’t meant to be we gave it a run now let’s be adults and let it go life is too short too hate and dwell there is that right person out there for each of us I wish you the best sweetheart and I’m sorry for the pain we’ve delt with in this relationship but enough is enough

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