I have been so mentally unstable lately.

I have been so mentally unstable lately. I have been thinking about you constantly. Yes, I have very bad issues in my life but finding out about your situation has brought me to a point of insanity and a detrimental state of mind. You know I do love you and that I care. You are my Twin Flame. I have the irrevocable Yin to your yang. I want to marry you and be with you. I offered you my home a while ago and the offer is still up. I also am offering you to come up to cape cod with me to live and get away from the city. It’s eating you and it’s eating me. As your Twin, I experience the runner affect and effect of your situation everyday and almost every other moment I have. I need you to realize that you were raped. You would never do this in a million years. Is she pregnant? And if so, why? You don’t love her. She hurt you, me, us, and a lot of other people. There is no pride in that relationship you have with her. Please, come back home. Rethink and re-evaluate these things.

I am trustworthy, you know this by now. I have been trying to reach out to you but you are clouded and blinded by sex and by a manipulative person.

Get help. I love you,

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