“You removed me from your facebook”

Dear Bjatur

who lives in Iceland


You removed me from your facebook, Skype and interpals account you

little cunt bag! WHY??

We had a two hour conversation talking about the colour of our houses

and yet you threw away what we had!

Do you know what we could of had? Do you fucking know? We could of

had something special, we could have lived in a little house in Norway

and had 10 cute little banana babies! We could of dressed up as John

Lennon and yoko Ono! How fun would that have been?

Time has passed since you cut me off…I viewed your profile picture

on interpals.

If you didn\’t cut me off, I would have made a moterfucking shrine

and fly to Iceland just to watch you sleep ! But it happended, and now

all I see is a douche bag!

You know what? The swedish word for \”to pass gas\” is

\”fjäta\”. It rhymes with your name where I spent ten minutes

trying to say it correctly. YEAH, YOUR\’E AS CHARMING AS A FART!!

And since I called you a cunt bag at the beginning of this letter,

you\’re as loveable as a VAGINA FART

Sincerely, Penny

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